Above all, elected officials have a responsibility to do what’s right.


With middle-class families and small businesses struggling, I felt it was wrong to impose a new tax on Dutchess County home heating bills.

That’s why, as a County Legislator, I voted against the Dutchess County home energy sales tax and, as a State Senator, I will never stop working to protect the hardworking taxpayers I represent.

New York is struggling right now. Taxes have made the state unaffordable for too many. We’re losing jobs daily. Our seniors can’t afford to stay in their homes. Our young people can’t find jobs. Middle-class families can’t keep up with tax after tax.

But, you know all of that. You see it and feel it every day. You read it in the papers each time a new report comes out ranking New York dead last for economic climate, business-friendly policies, or taxes. It seems like the only people out of touch with this reality are the politicians in Albany.

In 2014, I went to Albany to shake things up. I am running for the New York State Senate once again because I want to move our community, and our state, forward.

I’m looking forward to working with New Yorkers across the 41st Senate District to change Albany and to make New York a place where people want to live, not one they want to leave.

Sue Serino


  • From the Newsroom

    Senators Sue Serino and Terrence Murphy Move To Support Molinaro

    ALBANY, NY—With Senator John DeFrancisco suspending his campaign, Senators Sue Serino and Terrence Murphy today announced their support for their local County Executive Marcus Molinaro as he continues to build momentum in his bid for NYS Governor.

    Senator Sue Serino whose Senate District covers most of Dutchess County said, “Having known Marc Molinaro for nearly a decade and seeing first-hand the way he has used cooperative leadership to develop and transform our community, I know that he has what it takes to get New York back on track. At a time when people are disillusioned with out-of-touch politics plagued by corruption, wasteful spending, and ego, Marcus has the energy, integrity and compassion necessary to bring New Yorkers together. We believe in a better future for New York. Marc Molinaro is the one to make that future a reality.”

    Senator Terrence Murphy said, "Working with County Executive Molinaro has allowed me to see firsthand his passion for public service. As County Executive he has moved Dutchess forward by putting people before politics. As Governor, I know he will do the same."



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    Serino Declared Candidate By Dutchess County Republican Committee


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