Above all, elected officials have a responsibility to do what’s right.


With middle-class families and small businesses struggling, I felt it was wrong to impose a new tax on Dutchess County home heating bills.

That’s why, as a County Legislator, I voted against the Dutchess County home energy sales tax and, as a State Senator, I will never stop working to protect the hardworking taxpayers I represent.

New York is struggling right now. Taxes have made the state unaffordable for too many. We’re losing jobs daily. Our seniors can’t afford to stay in their homes. Our young people can’t find jobs. Middle-class families can’t keep up with tax after tax.

But, you know all of that. You see it and feel it every day. You read it in the papers each time a new report comes out ranking New York dead last for economic climate, business-friendly policies, or taxes. It seems like the only people out of touch with this reality are the politicians in Albany.

In 2014, I went to Albany to shake things up. I am running for the New York State Senate once again because I want to move our community, and our state, forward.

I’m looking forward to working with New Yorkers across the 41st Senate District to change Albany and to make New York a place where people want to live, not one they want to leave.

Sue Serino


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    POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – With the backing of both the Dutchess and Putnam County Committees at today’s GOP Convention in Poughkeepsie, NYS Senator Sue Serino announced that she has been designated as the 2020 Republican candidate for the 41st District.  

    Senator Sue Serino said, “Serving the residents of the 41st Senate District has been the honor of my lifetime and I am grateful for the voters who have put their trust in me to be their voice. Albany lives in a bubble—out of touch politicians are working overtime to nickel and dime hard-working taxpayers, put criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens, and push through extreme policies that have real impacts on the lives of Hudson Valley residents. Since day one, my goal has always been to put the residents of the 41st Senate District first, and together, we can continue to move our community forward.” 

    Dutchess County Republican Committee Chairman Michael McCormack said, “Senator Serino has been a voice of reason in the NYS Senate for the people of her district. Having Sue as our Senator in Dutchess County provides the confidence that our residents are truly represented with practical solutions to the complex issues we face as NYS residents. It is without a doubt that Sue is the right person for the job as our voice in Albany. We look forward to having her in Albany again doing the work of the people so very well.”

     Putnam County Republican Committee Chairman Anthony Scannapieco said, “Senator Sue Serino has always been the strong, independent leader we need fighting for us and I am proud to stand in support of her candidacy for re-election. Sue has the heart—and the fight—we need to pushback against the extreme policies coming out of Albany every day.”

    Staff Sergeant Jennifer Dillon, Town of Poughkeepsie Committee Member and veteran nominated Senator Sue Serino at the Convention, and said, “Senator Serino is a long-time champion for causes that matter most to Hudson Valley residents. Sue knows that every dollar matters to our families and fights tirelessly to oppose tax increases by out-of-touch politicians. She has made our heroes a top priority, leading the fight to successfully secure resources that our veterans need to thrive, and she’s put an unprecedented spotlight on Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses endemic to our area. Sue has brought about such positive change in the past five years and we need to keep that forward momentum going!”

     Stephen Reverri, First Vice Chair of the Dutchess County GOP, seconded the nomination of Senator Serino and said, “Sue is exactly who we need to keep in Albany. Honest, hard working, accessible, and clear-minded. Sue continuously shows through her actions, she is there for all the right reasons, to represent us.”

     Kevin McConville, Executive Assistant to Putnam County Republican Committee Chairman Anthony Scannapieco, also seconded the nomination of Senator Serino, and said, “On behalf of the people of Putnam County, and our Republican Chairman Anthony Scannapieco, it is a privilege and an honor to nominate Senator Sue Serino for re-election to the 41st Senate District. Senator Serino’s leadership and service to others serve as an inspiration to all, especially young girls and boys in the Hudson Valley.  Her commitment to represent seniors, veterans and all of us is exemplary.”



    A Statement from Senator Sue Serino

    Wappingers Falls, NY—The campaign to re-elect Senator Sue Serino released the following statement:

    “Recently a picture was circulated of an individual holding a ‘Karen Smythe’ sign outside of Senator Serino’s campaign office. An overzealous volunteer had removed the sign, presumably from the roadside. Upon being made aware, we made clear that our campaign does not engage in these kinds of activities and the volunteer was directed to immediately return the sign to its proper place. To be clear, the individual pictured in the photo is not the person who removed the sign, he was in the process of directing the individual who did take it, to return the sign when the picture was taken.

    Senator Serino’s signs have been stolen in droves and destroyed, and her small billboards have been vandalized and painted blue over and over again throughout this campaign. For these reasons especially, Senator Serino would never condone any efforts to remove or hurt another candidate’s materials. With negativity escalating at every level of this election cycle, Senator Serino has worked successfully to engage in positive, issues-based campaign and will continue those efforts through Election Day.”