A column from Dutchess County Legislator and 41st Senate District candidate Sue Serino


Serino.Headshot(Color).jpg If you watch TV, check the mail or listen to the radio, you’ve likely seen my face and heard  my voice in a lot of places recently. Inevitably, you’ve heard my commercial end with the  phrase, “Sue Serino: A true voice for the Hudson Valley.” This has probably led you to ask  the question: what makes Sue Serino the “true voice” for the Hudson Valley?


 I want you to know why I believe I am this true voice.

My story represents the Hudson Valley to the core. I was raised in Wappingers Falls and attended John Jay High School. I started work as a waitress at the Majestic Diner at only 15. After serving as a restaurant manager, I was inspired to open my first business in 1990 as a childcare provider. Like many, I struggled to balance work and family. As a young single mother working two jobs while raising my son Anthony, I was always looking for a way to build a better life for my family.


Ultimately, I was driven to pursue a career in real estate and opened my own real estate office in the City of Poughkeepsie in 2002. Serino Realty moved to its current office in Hyde Park in 2003, now employing 26 sales associates, and I’m proud to say my son has followed in my footsteps.


Working in the real estate business has given me incredible insight into trials and challenges of Hudson Valley families. I have sadly witnessed seniors being driven out of their homes while young families leave our communities for states with better business climates and lower taxes. As a small-business owner, I have directly experienced how high taxes and unnecessary regulations strangle our entrepreneurial spirit.


I often sit and think about that young single mother sitting at her kitchen table overwhelmed by stacks of bills and the high cost of living. With New York’s current business climate and tax rate, how will she be able to build a better life for her family the way I was able to?


Ultimately, these experiences spurred me to run for county legislature, in hopes that I could make a difference and bring relief to our community. In December 2013, I was one of only three in the majority party to vote against the Dutchess County energy tax. I did this because I believed my constituents couldn’t afford yet another tax.


I felt strongly, as I do now, that government needs to live within its means just as I do and just as our single mothers, our seniors, and our hard-working families do every day. Residents should not have more taxes imposed on them simply because government has behaved recklessly. I am not afraid to go to Albany and raise my voice to oppose these harmful policies and vote against them.


We have such a rich history in Dutchess and Putnam Counties and we are blessed with beautiful neighborhoods, agricultural lands, visitor attractions, and businesses-- not to mention our dedicated schools, healthcare organizations, colleges and volunteer agencies that, along with our vibrant arts and cultural organizations all make up the fabric of our community.


I couldn’t be prouder to call the Hudson Valley my home. I want to be your voice in the State Senate and am committed to advocating on behalf of each and every one in this district. I know I can help to make life truly better for us all by standing up for the right policies that will help our residents achieve their dreams.


I’m running to be the next state Senator from Dutchess and Putnam counties because we need a change in Albany. I will serve as a strong voice against the ‘business as usual’ mentality in Albany. Our state can’t continue to impose heavy taxes and crippling regulations and expect residents to stay. With a small-business background and experience in local and county government, I know how to bring the biggest relief for taxpayers: we must improve our state’s business climate.


New York is regularly ranked dead last for economic climate, business-friendly policies and taxes; this needs to change. I will fight to cut taxes on small businesses, end unnecessary government regulations and provide the job training that those looking for work need to get new jobs in our community.


Government must be held to the same standard as our families and businesses and live within its means. By keeping the programs that work and cutting the ones that don't, government can function more efficiently. But I can’t do it alone. I look forward to a continuing dialogue over the coming months about the important issues facing our community as I work to earn your vote to serve as the next state Senator for our community.