HYDE PARK, NY - Senator Sue Serino today announced that her bid for re-election has earned the endorsement of Assemblyman Chris Tague who represents the 102nd Assembly District.

 “It is no secret our country and state are in dire straits,” said the Assemblyman. “Some politicians are in denial and just continue to go along to get along, further supporting their political party and special interests instead of the will or what’s best for we the people. This November 8th, the people of the 41st Senate District have an opportunity to send a message to Albany that enough is enough. 9% inflation, out of control gas, fuel and energy prices, failed bail reform, and increased crime rates, are unacceptable. The people are tired of politicians not listening or acting. The direction of our state needs to change now! We need a Senator who has an independent voice, one who isn’t afraid to go against the status quo, someone experienced and not beholden to one party rule or the lobbyists. That person is Senator Sue Serino. I need a partner in Albany, one I can trust, one that does and says what she means, someone who is accountable to ‘we the people’ and not their future political career. Senator Serino is a hard dedicated worker, business owner, mother, wife and our Senator. Sue is the partner I need in Albany to help move the Hudson Valley forward. She will continue commonsense and responsible representation that we can all be proud of. She won’t put a political party, her career or special interests before ‘we the people. Join me in supporting Senator Sue Serino for re-election in NY’s 41st Senate District.”

“It is a tremendous honor to have the support and endorsement of Assemblyman Chris Tague—a true champion for our local community,” said Senator Serino. “Chris understands the challenges our communities face, and he is a tireless advocate for the issues that matter most to our neighbors. Together, we will restore commonsense in the Capitol and get our state back on track.”

The newly drawn 41st Senate District includes all of Columbia and Greene counties, Northern Dutchess County, and a part of Ulster County.