Gipson Putting Law-Abiding Citizens Second

For Immediate Release: June 17, 2014

Contact: Krista Gobins (845) 380-6452


Proposal would provide voting rights to all, regardless of residency

            State Senate candidate Sue Serino (R,C,I- Hyde Park) is calling on Terry Gipson and Senate Democrats to stop putting law-abiding citizens on the backburner. With only days left in the legislative session, Gipson and the Senate Democrats continue to highlight their out of touch beliefs, this time introducing legislation that would grant non-citizens the right to vote. Under the proposal, introduced as the “New York is Home Act,” millions of illegal aliens and resident, non-citizens would be extended the right to vote in local and state elections and hold public office. According to reports, provisions of the bill would also open up access to state tuition assistance, health insurance programs, welfare benefits and driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

            “Instead of being focused on reducing taxes and making New York a more affordable place to live, Terry Gipson and the New York City-led Senate Democrats are pulling election year stunts to garner votes from those who aren’t citizens,” said Serino. “Unfortunately for the people of the HudsonValley, we've already seen where our senator stands when it comes to putting his residents first. Gipson has consistently demonstrated he’s out of touch with the values of his constituents; repeatedly showing loyalty to party bosses in place of Hudson Valley residents. After he put college aid for local students at risk in March when he voted for the DREAM Act, how can we trust that he won’t do the same when it comes to the right to vote? HudsonValley residents don't want their legislator pushing liberal interpretations of our Constitution; they want lower tax bills and more money for their children’s schooling.”

In March, Gipson joined the Senate Democrats to vote in favor of the DREAM Act. If enacted, the proposal would have taken upwards of $20 million in education funding from middle-class students who are preparing to go to college.

            “We should not be giving illegal aliens, who broke law to get into this country, the ability to vote in our elections and run for office. As your senator, I will protect the right to vote and the right to a quality education for our young people. Our residents deserve to hear their senator's position on this issue. Terry Gipson should make it clear if he plans to sell out the hardworking men and women of Dutchess and Putnam counties again for his New York City-based leadership?” concluded Serino.