Gov. Andrew Cuomo has denounced the controversial mailing that was recently sent by Terry Gipson's supporters to women throughout the 41st Senate District.  The mailing, which uses a graphic image of a battered woman, was criticized as “disgusting” and “outrageous” Tuesday evening by the Governor.


According to Gov. Cuomo, “I’ve seen a lot of cheap campaign stunts, but this is one of the more disgusting ones I’ve ever seen,” adding that it, “exploits the women’s equality movement.” Gov. Cuomo made his comments to the Buffalo News regarding the same mailer that was sent out in Serino’s district.

“Governor Cuomo is absolutely correct in condemning this mailer, and Terry Gipson should be ashamed for exploiting women for his own political gain,” said Dutchess County Legislator and 41st State Senate District Candidate Sue Serino (R,C,I- Hyde Park).


“Terry Gipson now stands alone in defense of this disgusting exploitation of women, as Democrats and Republicans across the state have joined together in condemning this mailer,” Serino added.  “The fact that Terry Gipson appears to be the only elected official in New York State who has refused to condemn it speaks volumes about his judgement, his character, and his views on women.”


“I am once again urging Terry Gipson to apologize to women throughout the 41st Senate District.  This mailer is anti-woman — pure and simple. It is despicable, sexist and it exploits women,” Serino concluded.


Earlier this week, Serino called upon Gipson to donate the $27,000 in contributions he's received from the group that paid for his mailer to the Grace Smith House to benefit the survivors of domestic violence. Gipson has not only refused to apologize, he's also refused to donate the funds to the Grace Smith House.