Republicans announce a Build Back, Bring Back Business Plan to Help Revive Businesses

Carmel, NY- New York State Senator Sue Serino, alongside her four fellow Republican candidates for New York State Senate in the Hudson Valley and Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell today outlined a bold program to help taxpayers, families and small business owners still hurting from the pandemic to get back up on their feet.


“Rebuilding our state in the wake of the pandemic starts by safely rebuilding our economy,” said Senator Sue Serino.“The COVID crisis has ravaged the Hudson Valley, leaving families, small business owners, seniors and students alike wondering how they’ll afford basic necessities. In our darkest hour, we need leaders who understand that the state cannot tax its way out of this disaster. That’s why today we are launching a bold, pro-growth program that will return power to the people of this state, help revitalize the Hudson Valley economy and get our communities on the path to a strong recovery.”


Senator Serino, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell and fellow Senate candidates Rob Astorino (40th Senate District), Steve Brescia (39th Senate District), Mike Martucci (42nd Senate District) and Bill Weber (38th Senate District) supported a series of robust measures to rescue the local economy from destruction while simultaneously helping families. Their program begins with a five-tiered proposal to immediately return tax dollars into the hands of suffering families and businesses while spurring local job growth in manufacturing:


  • Provide Financial Relief for Childcare by enacting S.8989 (Serino), which provides an additional child and dependent care tax credit equal to fifty percent of the credit currently allowed by law. The already existing problems of affordability and accessibility of childcare in New York State have been exacerbated by the pandemic, and this proposal will help parents get back to work.


  • Restore Property Tax Rebate Checks that Albany Democrats failed to include in the State Budget. This program put 3.1 billion dollars directly in the hands of regular New Yorkers from 2016 through 2019.  Yet at our hour of greatest need, the Democrats yanked it back to pay for government spending they don’t have the courage to cut.


  • Substantially Cut Taxes on Small Businesses by enacting S.943 (O’Mara), which will provide hundreds of millions of dollars in small business tax relief when fully implemented. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the Empire State and the single biggest employer in our neighborhoods.  Yet they are withering away due to COVID-19.


  • Hold small businesses harmless on their experience ratings to prevent insurance rates from skyrocketing by enacting S.8249 (Helming). Layoffs forced due to government business closures will adversely impact a business’s experience rating, but pandemic unemployment should not be factored into insurance rates. This will help our small businesses stay open and rehire their employees.


  • Build a Foundation for Local Manufacturing by enacting S.1596 (O’Mara), which will expand the zero percent corporate tax rate for manufacturers to cover S-corps in addition to C-corps, saving these manufacturers millions of dollars annually. More hard-earned dollars staying in manufacturers’ hands directly results in investment back into their businesses, which will create more jobs for people who need them at a time of record high unemployment.  This state’s economy needs a true foundation for growth.


Time and time again, Albany has failed to recognize the needs of the Hudson Valley. Senator Serino and candidates Astorino, Brescia, Martucci and Weber will immediately fight to pass these and other desperately needed measures to get the Hudson Valley and all of New York State moving again.


"This tax relief plan is a common sense proposal that will give our Main Street businesses the boost they need after months of COVID-19 lockdowns," Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell said. "As county executive I applaud state Sen. Sue Serino and State Senate candidates for coming up with a plan that will put money back into the pockets of Putnam County's hard-working residents."


“As Westchester County Executive, I immediately cut the property taxes that were crushing people and I didn’t increase them for eight years,” said Astorino. “I did this by cutting waste and making government work. The people of this state are desperate, and the time for change is right now.”


“Running a business during normal times is not easy,” said Brescia. “Now with COVID, businesses are trying to just stay afloat. There needs to be relief brought from Albany to get our economy moving again. It won’t be easy. Tough decisions need to be made.  I along with my Republican colleagues will make it my priority to always build up and defend our way of life.”


“We’ve heard the refrain for many years,” said Martucci, “that young people are leaving this state in droves for better opportunities elsewhere.  Yet rather than do something about it, the so-called leaders in Albany make it harder and harder to make a living here. Rather than do nothing, this approach will help provide some relief for families and our manufacturing businesses to help maintain jobs.”


“Rockland County businesses are closing their doors for good because COVID has made a bad situation even worse,” said Weber.  “As a businessman and activist in my community for many years, I’ve seen firsthand the destruction this pandemic has made on our local businesses. For most of our working families childcare is a must. Families and ailing businesses here are desperate for a tax break.”


“As more and more New Yorkers lose their jobs and livelihoods, the road to recovery is becoming more difficult, not easier,” concluded Senator Serino.  “Our coalition stands for real change and real solutions.  The people of the Hudson Valley need relief. Our job as public servants are to seek solutions and provide results. I along with this coalition will not sit by and watch our economy crumble. We will take action.”