Free college tuition for criminal illegal aliens and violent prisoners is just plain wrong, especially when so many of our kids are struggling to afford college. As a young single mother who worked two jobs to make sure my son was able to receive a good education, I know how hard it is for families to make ends meet, and that is why I’m running for State Senate.


Terry Gipson has sided with the extreme New York City de Blasio agenda, and plans to use $20 million of our hard-earned tax dollars to send criminal illegal aliens to college.  He also wants to spend $272 million to educate violent illegal criminals, including thugs, rapists and drug dealers. As a small business owner, I understand what a slap in the face this is to the law abiding parents and students who, when it was time to pay for college, had to take out loans or save whatever they could after paying taxes and bills for their American dream.


I am asking that all parents, students and tax payers join me in telling Terry Gipson that our hard earned dollars should go towards sending the children of struggling middle-class families to college, not criminal illegal aliens and violent prisoners.


By working together we can protect our taxpayers and families and stop the radical de Blasio New York City agenda. Please join with me and our neighbors to stop Terry Gipson’s outrageous plan by signing this important petition.