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LETTER: Serino Opposes Central Hudson Rate Hike

September 27, 2023

Commissioner Rory M. Christian New York State Public Service Commission

Empire State Plaza

Agency Building 3

Albany, NY 12223-1350

Dear Commissioner Christian:

I am writing today to strongly voice my opposition for the proposed 16% rate hike by Central Hudson Gas & Electric for the year 2024.

At a time where our neighbors are struggling to make ends meet, any proposed rate increase by a utility company should be immediately rejected. Many of Central Hudson’s consumers are still reeling from the effects of their unjust billing practices that started during the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing individuals to pay double or triple their monthly rates – regardless of the fact that their bills were often incorrect.

While serving as a State Senator, my office helped hundreds of Central Hudson’s consumers fight back against the surprise bills they were now faced with and repeatedly urged the Public Service Commission to launch an investigation into their practices. Now, even a few years later since their new practices were implemented, I am still hearing from residents that their bills are incorrect and over-charged. Until their new bill practices are completely rectified, no rate increases should be considered – it should not be on the backs of our hard-working neighbors to foot the bill for their mistakes.

With many of our seniors on a fixed income, this proposed rate hike could be detrimental to their well-being. And at a time where we are seeing New Yorkers migrate to States that offer a lower cost-of-living, the Public Service Commission has a duty and responsibility to ensure that our seniors – who helped build our communities – are not forced out of their homes and towns due to increases during an unjust time.

I thank you for taking my testimony into consideration, and I urge you to do right by the residents of Dutchess County who rely on Central Hudson for their gas and electricity by opposing their proposed rate increase.

Please feel free to contact me with any follow-up questions or comments.


Sue Serino

Former State Senator, 41st District


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