Dutchess County Legislator and 41st Senate District candidate Sue Serino (R,C,I- Hyde Park) today signed County Executive Molinaro’s “No New Mandates” petition and pledged her support to fight back against unfunded mandated spending on local governments. This year a startling 70 percent of the Dutchess County budget will be made up of programs and services imposed directly from Albany and Washington.

“Working as a member of the County Legislature, I’ve seen firsthand how county governments are handcuffed by mandated services forced on us by out-of-touch legislators in Albany,” said Serino. “Mandates from Albany are driving up property taxes for local and county governments, plus they are exacerbating the already-heavy school property tax burden. We need to rein in the out of control mandated spending from Albany and tell state government to quit shifting their bills to local governments so they don’t have to pay them. Simply put: if Albany politicians require it, Albany should pay for it.”

“Mandates consume 70% of Dutchess County's budget. That's 70 cents on every tax dollar and it's growing. We need our state and federal representatives to say no to new unfunded and underfunded mandates. Residents should sign the no new mandates petition and hold their elected officials accountable. We need state legislators who will do more than give this important issue lip service. County Legislator Sue Serino understands the need to stop Albany mandates and that's precisely why we need her in the State Legislature,” said Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro.

“The biggest unfunded mandate on our communities remains the lack of sufficient school aid and the failure to restore the Gap Elimination Adjustment cuts that were imposed on our local school districts when New York City leadership controlled the Senate in 2010. Our schools continue to be underfunded at the expense of kids in New York City, even worse, Terry Gipson actually voted against restoring the aid for our children,” concluded Serino.

Residents can add their support for the petition, which was launched yesterday by County Executive Marcus Molinaro, by visiting