Police Conference of New York endorses Serino for state Senate.

County Legislator and 41st Senate District Candidate Sue Serino recently received the support of the Police Conference of New York, Inc. (PCNY). The organization, which represents 25,000 members from eight regional police conferences and one retired association, endorsed Serino based on her support for police officers and police organizations.

In a letter to Serino, Richard Wells, President of PCNY, said, “The Police Conference of New York, Inc., founded in 1925, has as its objectives the protection of the interest of police officers, the sponsorship of legislation perceived to be in the interest, and the giving of aid and assistance to police officers and police organizations. The PCNY Executive Committee, which is comprised of PBA presidents and/or their representatives, approved endorsement of your candidate for election as Senate Member representing District 41. On behalf of the members we represent, we extend best wishes to you for success in your endeavor.”


“I want to thank PCNY President Richard Wells and the 25,000 police officers who serve or served our communities for their endorsement,” said Serino. “The officers of PCNY serve our communities each day, putting their lives on the lines to protect our friends, families and neighbors. I share their passion for our communities and as senator, I will proudly stand with PCNY members in service to our communities.”


The PCNY joins fellow law enforcement organizations The New York City Deputy Sheriff’s Association in endorsing Serino.