Dutchess County Legislator, and 41st state Senate District Candidate, Sue Serino (R,C,I- Hyde Park) reacted to the recent visit by Economic Development Council Director Brian McMahon. According to news reports, McMahon used the visit to lay out several problems Dutchess County faces competing for jobs, including New York’s tax burden, high cost for utilities like electricity, and a regulatory structure riddled with red tape.

“As a small business owner, I know firsthand the tremendous burden state government has imposed on our local businesses. New York’s economy is broken, small and large businesses are struggling to survive,” said Serino. “We rank almost dead last in the nation for overall tax climate and Terry Gipson has been AWOL to help improve our region’s economy and address Albany’s job killing policies. Mr. McMahon is spot on with the problems caused by Terry’s support for continued high taxes. With his vote for year’s state budget, he voted for at least 18 different major taxes costing New Yorkers at least $70 billion. This includes $183 million in energy taxes alone. In fact, since he took office, energy taxes have spiked from $169 million to $183 million, and the overall taxes New Yorkers pay have gone up by billions of dollars. The brutal energy rates and energy taxes are suffocating investment, and job creation and the regulatory mentality from the big government believers like Terry Gipson is destroying economic opportunity for business and families.


The Hudson Valley can’t afford to have Terry Gipson and the New York City-centric leadership of Senate Democrats return to power in Albany. The last time that happened we got saddled with expenses like the MTA Payroll tax and more. Terry's record shows that he is disconnected from the needs and concerns of hardworking families that are struggling to make ends meet,” said Serino


“At least it’s encouraging to hear the state economic development council director knows the problems holding back the economy. I am please he has identified the same problems I have been talking about. Now all we need to do is replace Terry Gipson with a state senator who has the will and backbone to fix the anti-job and anti-business Albany policies Terry Gipson supports,” concluded Serino.