Dutchess County Legislator, and 41st state Senate District Candidate, Sue Serino (R,C,I-Hyde Park) is setting the record straight about her vote against the Dutchess County Energy Tax. In December 2013, Serino voted against Resolution 2013341, which imposed a 3.75 percent sales tax on all residential energy sources, including electricity and fuel oil. Despite this on-the-record vote, Serino has been unjustly attacked by state Sen. Terry Gipson, who claims she supported the tax.


“The true story is I have always stood up for local taxpayers and fought for our families and communities,” said Serino. “Despite popular opinion in my own party, last December I took a stand to say ‘enough is enough.’ We simply could not afford another tax on our energy bill and that’s why I voted against the Dutchess County Energy Tax. Every day in my office I hear how financial struggles are keeping young families from buying their first home and forcing senior citizens from homes they’ve built and raised a family in. The Dutchess County Energy Tax would simply have exacerbated this problem and that’s why I voted no,” said Serino


In recent interviews, state Sen. Terry Gipson has repeatedly accused Serino of voting in favor of the tax.


“Given the billions of dollars in state taxes Terry has voted to approve, it's no wonder he's lying about my record of fighting against the energy tax. By voting for this year’s state budget, he voted for at least 18 different major taxes costing New Yorkers at least $70 billion,” said Serino. “This includes $183 million in energy taxes alone. In fact, since he took office, energy taxes have spiked from $169 million to $183 million, and the overall taxes New Yorkers pay have gone up by billions of dollars. Terry needs to stop lying; if he continues to intentionally lie after today, voters should question truth behind any statements he makes on any issue.”


Before the tax was rescinded in April, Legislator Sue Serino (R-Hyde Park) had issued a call for the Legislature to refund the money collected under the tax to local taxpayers. In a news release from March 31, 2014 she said, “Let’s return that money to the taxpayers who need it. Electric bills were high enough last month without the tax. It’s time to give taxpayers a break with a refund. It’s not the government’s money, it’s the taxpayers money. We should give it back.”