County Legislator Sue Serino (R,C,I-Hyde Park), candidate for the 41st State Senate District, will join gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino and others across the state to form the StopCommonCore line on this year’s ballot. Following the flawed implementation of Common Core during this year’s school year, Serino says it is especially important for residents to know exactly where she stands on the issue.


Those interested in joining the effort should contact Serino’s campaign headquarters at (845) 475-1188.


“Common Core is failing New York’s students; as a mother, I understand setting high standards for our children is vital for their success and development. However, I strongly believe that over-testing and forcing our children into a one-size-fits-all policy are terrible mistakes,” said Serino. “We need to get government out of the classroom, and turn to our teachers and education stakeholders for guidance on how to improve the education system in New York. Our children’s education is far too important to leave up to bureaucrats concerned with manufactured numbers, rather than our community’s needs. I will be petitioning to get on the StopCommonCore line to stand up for teachers, parents, and students who feel as though they have been failed by Albany. I’m inviting mothers, fathers, students, teachers and more to volunteer their time to ensure we are able to vote on this important issue in November.”


“Common Core is a mechanism the federal government is using to gain control of our education system. It was implemented four years ago without public or legislative discourse, and is hurting our children by using experimental education techniques. We need to protect our children and bring local control back to education,” said Anne LaValle, a Wappingers School District parent.


“Common Core has been a total disaster here in New York State. Both NY State’s Governor and the Commissioner of Education have failed us and have put children directly in harm’s way. Students are being exploited and used as human lab mice without permission or consent of parents because of Common Core. This was rolled out by businessmen who never met your children, or their teachers and only see your child as a potential worker. Contrary to popular belief, NO teachers were involved in developing the standards. Everyone, especially parents and teachers, deserves to know where their legislators stand on this issue and I’m proud to stand with Sue against these misguided education standards,” said Christopher Zaleski, of New Yorkers United For Kids.