Terry Gipson's Lies


June, 17, 2014

Hyde Park-- The following statement was issued by Serino for Senate spokesperson Krista Gobins regarding Terry Gipson's lies:


"It's sad that Tax Hike Terry is so afraid of Sue Serino's solid record, that he has already resorted to lies. This isn't even a typical political lie. This is a bold faced, all out, complete lie. Tax Hike Terry has set a new standard for gutter politics and there is still six months to go.


Tax Hike Terry is desperate and scared. He should be scared. Sue Serino showed her strength and independence when she voted against her own party. By voting no on the horrible energy tax, Sue proved to the entire region that she is an independent public servant, and will always do what's right for our seniors, small business owners, working families, veterans and struggling Hudson Valley residents.


Tax Hike Terry has proven that his loyalty lies with the ultra liberal New York City Democrats. So out of touch with his district, he voted to block a repeal of the Senate Democrat 18a energy tax. Tax Hike Terry voted yes to spend millions of dollars to send illegal immigrants to college for free. He also voted to give violent felons a free education, while voting against legislation that would provide seniors with relief from their prescription costs.


Tax Hike Terry can lie about Sue Serino's record all day long, but if he is going to distort the facts, his time may be better spent lying about his own."