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Sue Serino Calls for In-Person Listening Tour on Rising Energy Costs

Hyde Park, NY - Former State Senator Sue Serino and Candidate for Dutchess County Executive is calling on Central Hudson and the NYS Service Commission to hold an in-person listening tour to address concerns about the proposed rate hike.

“Our neighbors in Dutchess County have been feeling the effects of rising costs from food to fuel, and now, Central Hudson is proposing, yet again, another rate hike,” said Sue Serino. “This is not the time to be proposing any kind of rate increase, especially for our seniors who are on fixed incomes. A virtual hearing is not a viable option for them to voice their concerns.”

Serino is urging Central Hudson and the NYS Service Commission to hold an in-person listening tour across their service coverage area so that residents can have their voices heard.

"Our families and seniors deserve to be able to participate in this process," said Serino. "At a time where our community is struggling to make ends meet and make their dollar go farther, Central Hudson needs to meet people where they are in order to effectively hear their concerns and offer them a seat at the table."

Despite the lack of accessible options being offered currently, Serino is urging residents to attend the virtual hearings on Sept. 12th & 20th iif possible to ensure their concerns are heard.

“Seems like every time you turn around, our State Government is reaching into our pockets for more,” said Serino. “With job growth stalled and inflation still crushing families and seniors, Albany is pushing an agenda instead of working to deliver real relief to our neighbors so they can afford to stay in the communities they helped build.”

While in the State Senate, Sue Serino helped hundreds of residents rectify their surprise higher-than-normal energy bills due to the failed estimation system, and assisted residents in navigating the customer service process with Central Hudson. She was among the first State Legislators to speak out against their unfair billing practices and called on the PSC to launch an investigation into the matter.



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